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ASSAULT-OPS is a free FPS Game developed by A-GM-LION.

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A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them?

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1A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? Empty A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:01 pm


A-O Cash are the in-game currency. Whatever you want to do in the game, you will need them.
They can be used in multiple ways:

To buy new items in the Garage:

When you are in your garage, you will see two taskbars. The first one is named "My items" and displays all the things that you already have.
The second one is named "Shop", and is the place where you can buy other weapons, V.I.P or etc...

Once you click on a gun that you have bought, you can see the price required to upgrade it in the table of information at the top right of the garage.
The price depends on the "M" you are considering. A better level will require more A-O cash.

To increase the amount of experience you earn:

If you want to constantly increase your experience, you can buy the Score Multipler Pass in your garage. It will increase the points received by 30%. For example, this means that you will receive 13 experience points per kill instead of 10.
It costs 10000 A-O Cash and lasts one month.

To join PRO battles

There are some battles where drugs are not allowed. These matches are called NSB, No-Supplies Battles. To join one of these, you must pay 500 A-O Cash, irrespective of your rank or your equipment.
If you don't want to pay each time you play a No-Supplies Battle, you can buy a Pass in your garage, costing 5000 A-O Cash, that will let you join all the NSB for one month without paying.

1 - BUY

First, you can buy crystals.
In ways like through: Star Pass, Allopass, RENTABILIWEB, Pay-Pal.
A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? StarPass
A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? Allopass
A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? Logo_rentabiliweb_en
A-O Cash: What are they? How to earn them? Paypal


The second easiest way is to collect A-O Cash during the battles. In every map, A-O Cash boxes fall everytime the Battle Fund grows a bit, and are worth various amounts of A-O Cash, depending on the amount of the Battle Fund. They fall in different places around the map, which are marked with the A-O symbol.


The Battle Fund is a number of cash which increases during the battle, depending on the number of kills and flags captured - The more active the players are, the faster it grows! You can see this number increasing in the lower right of the screen (during a battle).When a battle ends, the Battle Fund is split between the players who have taken part. The biggest share, of course, goes to the winning team. The bigger your advantage over the other team, the more you will win (if your team has 0 flags you get nothing)! Same for DM mode.


Every time you rank up, you'll get a specific amount of A-O Cash.


If you invite a friend of yours to play Assault-Ops, you can of course have fun and enjoy fantastic battles with them, but you can also earn cash every time they rank up or buy cash for themselves. This only works if you invite friends through your personal game invitation link.


A-O Cash can also be received as a login bonus. As you know, Assault-Ops provides free daily bonuses as a gift when you log in to the game each day. So, on some days you may receive A-O Cash. The exact quantity depends on your rank.


As a new player to the game or on a new account there are a few achievements to be completed that will result in a A-O Cash reward; from joining or creating your first battle, to submitting your email or making your first purchase. For new players, this is a great way to begin, as it lets you earn a few extra cash to start you off.


You can also win A-O Cash by taking part in contests.
There are 5 kinds of contests:
Forum - Official contests, that are found in the forum. These kind of contests are the ones with the biggest prizes, but you have to work a lot to obtain these prizes. Sometimes, you have to do something in the game, and sometimes you have to do something with your own hands (The Montage Maker, The Model Maker, etc). There are also some tournaments, where will you have to prove your skills with various guns and game styles.
Newspaper - Newspaper contests. These contests come out in the monthly Assault-Ops Newspaper, so you can find them in the Main Topic of every issue.
Facebook - This is the link for the official Assault-Opa Facebook page. Here we share news and ideas with the community, but there are also competitions with A-O Cash as prizes.


In addition to the normal situations explained above, there may be other kinds of competitions or events with A-O Cash prizes.

The assignment of prizes will NEVER require your password. Don't fall victim of scam attempts based on contests.

Best Regards,

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